Wisdom Sticks - King Size Papers (Hemp)
Wisdom Sticks - King Size Papers (Hemp)
Wisdom Sticks - King Size Papers (Hemp)

Studio A-OK

Wisdom Sticks - King Size Papers (Hemp)

$10 CAD

Introducing Wisdom Sticks by Studio A-OK, our new sub-brand of King Size Rolling Papers. Now available in hemp paper (orange), as well as ultra slow burning rice paper (green), each pack comes with 32 leaves and 32 filters in each booklet. 

When the time comes to choose your King Size papers, choose the one with the wizard.

Booklet Dimensions

Length = 111 mm
Width = 27 mm
Depth = 9 mm

Shipping & Returns

Studio A-OK only offers refunds in form of store credit and exchanges for defective products. Currently shipping to Canada & USA, and most products internationally — though some of our tobacco specific items may be unable to ship to certain States or Countries based on individual laws. If you have questions, please contact us and we will respond as soon as possible. If you have issues with the shipping restrictions, we encourage you get involved and contact your local lawmakers.